October 2017

Construction Defect:

Final repairs for the construction defect have been underway since October with an estimated completion time of May. Once the construction is complete, the entire association will be repainted by Verhaalen Painting.

Please note that if you have concerns about the construction or report of damage- please contact Kirk Gariepy with Gores Construction: 971-409-8662

Special Assessments:

Monthly statements for the special assessments are being mailed out in addition to the association’s regular assessments. If you wish to pay in full at any time, please contact The Management Trust to request a pay in full amount.

Birch Trees:

Please note that the Board is aware of the dead/dying Birch trees in the association. They are infected with the Bronze Birch Borer. The Board is in the process of reviewing and approving the removal of the dead trees and replacement with constellation dogwoods by Willamette Landscaping.